Types of Bike Pumps Buying Guide 


A bike pump is an essential accessory for every cyclist.

Bike pumps allow you to make sure the optimised pressure in the tyres, and helps with the necessary reinflation of your tyres when you get a puncture.
Bike pumps come in two main tyres: floor pumps or track pumps that are full length and feature base mounts that you step on to hold in place. A hand bike pump is much smaller and more portable.

A good bike pump can inflate a few different valves.
Presta and Schrader are more popular than Dunlop.
Presta valves are the lightest and most commonly found on bicycles.
Schrader valves are slightly larger and are the same that you find on cars and motorcycles.
Dunlop valves are the oldest and least used, found on older bikes.
Good Bike pumps often have smart pump heads that can be used to inflate Presta and Schradervalves options.


Floor Pumps (Track Pumps)

Every cyclist should own a floor pump (also known as a track pump)

It is suitable to use at home and bike shop.

Floor pump will always offer a long flexible hose, pressure gauge and large chamber for quick air transfer and easy pressure readings.

Floor pumps are your fastest, safest pump standard accessory for bike.


Mini Pumps (Hand Pumps)

Mini pumps are lightweight and portable for outdoor or bike tourist.


CO2 Inflators

You can use CO2 inflators to inflate your tires in a hurry.

CO2 inflators offer the fastest inflation and are very popular with racers.


Shock Pumps

Shock pumps are used for mountain bikes with air sprung suspension.

This high pressure, small-volume pump that can be adjusted the preload in air suspension. Shock pump will allow you to get the right pressure and fine adjust it.


IBORN will be your best choice after considering fast inflation capability, durable construction, low maintenance, compatibility with Schrader and Presta valves design.