Bicycle Tire Pressure Guide. 

What Is The Best Tyre Pressure For your Bicycle Tyres?

Bicycle tyre pressure is an important part of bicycle for happy and safe rides and long-lasting tires for your bikes.

Maximum is not the best pressure
Somewhere on the sidewall of your tire, just below the big, bold letters of the manufacturer, for example, you might have noticed the words ‘Max .’
 The maximum cold pressure is needed for your tire to carry its maximum load.

It is better for you to inflate your tire in the morning or after sitting for a few hours in the shade.

Inflate your tires to the max PSI , you might see superior cornering, but it could be at the risk of your braking threshold.

Recommended an approximate tire-pressure range as following:
Road bike: 80-130 psi / 5.5-9 bars
Comfort bike: 35-70psi / 2.2-4.8 bars
Mountain bike: 30-60psi / 2.1-4.2 bars

Inflate the tire to the recommended PSI rating label on the side of the tire.
When your tires are inflated to the recommended PSI, you enjoy their optimum life and performance.
Remember, never to inflate over manufacturer’s max pressures.

When’s the best time to inflate your tire?
The rules are: every time you fill up for air every 10 degree change of temperature, or every 30 days or not enough pressure of your tires .

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