How to Inflate Bike Tires?
Please follow four Steps to inflate.:

Inflating your bike tires is a simple and painless task, as long as you use IBORN bike pumps.

Step 1:  Plesae confirm your vlave first.
There will be usually used Schrader Valve or Presta Valve.

A Schrader valve is also called an American valve, or a car valve.
The valve stem is surrounded by a threaded valve core; to press down on the stem, you need to use a tool like a pen cap or your thumbnail.
Schrader valves are typically wider in diameter and shorter than Presta valve.
They're usually found on cars, less expensive bikes and mountain bikes.
To open a Schrader valve, simply unscrew the rubber cap at the top.

A Presta valve is also called a French valve, usually found on high-end road bikes. Presta valves are longer and narrower in diameter than Schrader valves, and feature an external valve stem that is protected by a valve cap, instead of being surrounded by a valve core.

Step 2:  To open the valve and put it somewhere safe.
Then loose the small rubber cap on top of the valve and put it somewhere safe, such as your pocket.

Step 3 : Confirm the recommended PSI for your tires.
It is usually on raised print on the side of your bike tires and will consist of a range.

Inflate your tires' PSI higher than the lowest number; the high number is maximum PSI.

Step 4: Locate IBORN bike pump to inflate
 IBORN bike pumps have smart head that will automatically adjust to accommodate a Schrader valve or Presta valve.
Then inflate the tire.

Step 5: To deflate the air
To deflate a tire with a valve, simply press on the springy valve stem with a fingernail or other small tool until all the air escapes.