The Concept    


IBorn, named as "A Creative Idea Was Born",

which refer to a new living attitude of integrating the happiness and safeness

for better life experience.


It‘s specialized in design and manufacture field of bike related accessories.

We are committed to be a reliable support to all the bike-riding lovers by providing

a handy selection which is currently covering the full range of......

"Floor Pump, Mini Pump, Shock Pump and Tool Sets etc."



 The R&D Team  


The outstanding quality performance and safety concern are always the two essential issues

that IBorn's R&D team has first approached and adopted into the developing process of product design.

 The impressive appearance of our product collection carries

  industrial characters and builds the cohesive look through

  the entire series all at once. Which lead us to stay updated

  and connected with the latest trends in the industry.


  With having extensive knowledge and solid experience in bike

  related accessory field, our design team always presents the

  handy and user-friendly bike related accessories with the

  intention of satisfying the diverse market preference worldwide.


  Individual custom design project request is also available

  for further enquiry!


 The Goal 


Biking outdoor is a great way to connect and experience the full glory of nature.

Many health benefits and psychological/physical advantages can also be obtained by bike-riding regularly.

Therefore, it turns so significant of having a "Happy and Safe Ride" concept while having a bike-riding activity.


That's our ultimate goal just like what "IBorn" was inspired and will constantly keep to be!

Our products are capable of providing the practical assistances to remain your bike working properly through

the bike-riding journey without further safety and anxiety concerns.


We truly expect everyone should have the opportunity to discover their own pleasant bike-riding experience!